Sunday, May 20, 2012

All Natural Cosmetics - The Height of Natural Beauty

Those luscious scarlet lips with the perfect pout on the face of a model on the fashion cat walk or in the dozens of magazines can now be yours. Those perfect black eyes, the lovely hair, that flawless skin without a single mark or blemish, completely free of lines and wrinkles can also be yours. Furthermore, you can get all this at a very small cost and little time. However, consider again, is it worth it? Is it necessary to apply products and cosmetics on your face which contain ingredients that have never been tested for safety? It surely is no crime to attempt to look more beautiful and gorgeous and apply makeup and cosmetics but is the risk of completely damaging and destroying natural beauty to toxic chemicals and self foolishness worth it? Are you willing to pay such a heavy price for such a trivial feature? I don't believe so. This is why all natural cosmetics are coming to the foreground.

Euromontior International, a leading research firm, carried out a survey last year and discovered that more than 60 billion USD was spent on cosmetics and beauty products by the Americans alone, leaving aside the fashion going and glamour loving public of UK and Europe, which have spent another 40 billion. Even the emerging economies of China, India and other Asian countries are not behind in this race to look beautiful. They are shelling enormous amounts of money and spending more time than ever before to look beautiful due to which most of the popular and trendy UK brands are flooding their markets with their products to compete with the American ones.

It will come as a surprise to many that this was the amount spend on synthetic cosmdtics and makeup products. However, the time is not far when these very people will realize their mistakes and open their eyes to a brand new world, solely by switching over to organic and natural skin care products. Most women who don't know the fact about the harmful ingredients in their creams, lotions, eyeliners and foundations but when they are told so, most of them are shocked. Therefore, the day when all of them open their ears and eyes to health experts and natural products, achieving natural beauty will take on a whole new meaning.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) puts the responsibility of using and testing safe ingredients, on the manufacturers themselves. They have to make sure that their products are safe. It only steps in when a lot of consumers complain about skin problems and allergies from some product. Even the use of terms like all natural cosmetics or organic is not regulated by the FDA so they can sometimes be misleading. State governments are however trying to pass laws which hold the cosmetics company responsible for their products. The main problem arises when these companies refuse to release health information or chemical indications*about some of their ingredients owing to trade secrets or proprietary ingredients.


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